DAN LEONETTE – raku nestor & course leader:
One of the three permanent artists that I invited to participate at P.Lindberg Gallery.

Dan started working with raku some 40 years ago in Santa Barbara, California. Since 1986, he lives on the island of Gotland, Sweden where he runs his pottery studio and gallery. Many artists that today work with raku firing methods have been to Dans workshops. His work has been shown in most galleries and Museums in and around Sweden. One of his largest solo exhibits included over 250 pieces shown at the ceramics museum, Höganäs Museum, in early 2000.
P.lindberg Gallery is so proud to say that we currently have the largest collection of Dans work in Sweden and new pieces are constantly arriving.

Dans studio and gallery is open in the summer for tourists and art groups and is know for his open raku firings on Thursdays for anyone who wants to come experince his process. You can also sign up for workshops to learn his raku techniques; coppar-matt, sawdust, saggarfired and peeloff in the spring and autumn. More information here.

Follow Dan online @rakuman1941