NEW STUDIO / EVENT GALLERY / Opening this fall 2019.

Excited about this move to my new studio in the Center of Helsingborg City later this fall. This is The Gallery Opening! The street view that is. I couldn’t help but have a play with words, since my studio/gallery will be situated beyond this gate in center city courtyard and I wanted to give the openings I will be holding a name = The Gallery Opening.

As soon as this 160 kvm space has been set up I’ll be inviting you all to join me for some very festive monthly opening events/vernissage that I organize together with Swedish & International artist friends.

It’s a dream location also because my next door neighbor happens to be the famous Röda Kvarn.
Röda Kvarn is Helsingborg’s oldest still functioning cinema (1918) The theater shows primarily quality film but also a large selection of digital broadcasts with international artists and performances.
It simply doesn’t get much better than this.

Can’t wait to see you here!
Pauline Lindberg with Artist friends

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The Gallery Opening – Karlsgatan 5, Helsigborg